This and That – September 2016

A Town Hall for the Rock Stars!
Updating everyone on what’s coming up over the next year.
Topics include:

  • Timeline for the upcoming year
  • Class Schedules
  • Details for Fall 2017
  • and much more


On March 30th all Facebook fan/business pages were switched over to the new Timeline version for a landing page. Learn the key elements you need to get ready now and the hottest profitable marketing tips on optimizing your new page.

Find these 2 new classes here: Facebook Timelines Success Classes at Rock Star Basics

Next week we will be posting a timely and must watch class on Facebook Timelines for business.  Timelines for business pages will be automatically turned on March 30th on ALL Facebook fan/business pages.  This class will include what you can prep ahead of time, sizes for the graphics needed and of course some pretty cool marketing tips!  Stay tuned…