Marketing Road Map To Success – Week 2, Part 1

Many of you are aware of, have started or are rockin’ a Road Map to Success/Business Plan. Now it’s time to put that information into action with a Marketing Plan.
During the second week of this powerful training we covered:

  • Review
  • Setting up your Marketing Road Map to Success
  • Setting up a marketing calendar
  • and much more

Your Success Steps are due by Sunday:

  • Create the beginning of your Marketing Road Map to Success – copy the following sections from your original RMTS: Describe your products, Describe your customers, Unique Selling Proposition, The future & goals, and Competition
  • Add your 4 P’s and your 4 Areas of Marketing
  • For each of the 4 marketing areas answer the following questions:
  • Why?
  • Describe your specific customers for that marketing choice
  • Create a USP for that marketing choice


Marketing Road Map To Success – Week 1

The first lesson of this 9-part success series sponsored by OSI Rock Stars and Web Sellers Circle was very powerful. We talked about creating a RoadMap of Success for your business and all of the pieces you will need to start (and continue) a profitable business. These include:

  • Describing the business
  • Goal Setting
  • Locating your competition
  • Your income strategy
  • and much more